Redefining Agriculture Insurance tools.

EO empowered

Weather Intelligence included

Blockchain Technology

BEACON is a blockchain-fueled toolbox that couples leading EO technology with weather intelligence to deliver consumable, actionable insights for the agri-insurance industry. BEACON offers an end-to-end solution to comprehensive risk and damage assessment, smart contract monitoring, and more.


Smart Agri-Insurance Automation toolbox

BEACON services enable the AgI sector to alleviate the effect of weather uncertainty when estimating risk of AgI products, reduce the number of on-site visits for claim verification, reduce operational and administrative costs for monitoring of insured indexes and contract handling, and design more accurate and personalized contracts.

BEACON decreases future weather uncertainty


BEACON decreases operationl costs


BEACON enables new types of agri-insurance products


BEACON leads to high profitability rates


BEACON is the ultimate solution for growing agri-insurance businesses.

BEACON ingenuity lies in its core design.


Confidently empower your underwriting with access to the latest historical data and (localized) weather forecast data.


Powered by remote sensing imagery, BEACON allows for efficient, seamless smart contract monitoring your clients deserve – remotely and in real time.


Tailored satellite-based information services so you get a more accurate damage assessment, claims adjustment & fraud detection.


Powered by Blockchain technology, BEACON brings the Smart Contracts, enabling automatically pay out damages to insured parties.

We’re shaping the future since 1921.


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