Advisory Board

Agricultural Insurance Enablers, the BEACON project Advisory Board consists of individual high level external experts from Agricultural Insurance, Earth Observation, Risk Management analysis, Agricultural Industry, Farming community as well as International Organizations. They will steer the project activities and providing recommendations on the project development.

Mrs. Eleni Vakaki

Mrs. Eleni Vakaki is an Earth Observation expert - index insurance specialist at EARS/eLEAF. EARS, with its insurance business and proprietary Energy and Water Balance System and Relative Evapotranspiration dataset has recently been acquired by eLEAF. eLEAF is a remote sensing company in Wageningen, Netherlands, with expertise in agriculture and water management and is active worldwide, with experience in more than 50 countries. Eleni is responsible for risk analysis using earth observation data, structuring index insurance solutions, basis risk evaluation, data validation and exploring the applications of remote sensing for risk management products in general (e.g. credit scoring, loan schemes). Before joining EARS, she did her internship on the validation of forest fire index products for the Agriculture Underwriting team of Swiss Re Corporate Solutions. She holds a Geomatics Engineering MSc from ETH, Zurich and she is motivated to be involved in shaping the agriculture insurance landscape.

Mr. Christopher Genillard

Mr. Christopher Genillard is owner and Managing Director of Genillard & Co. GmbH, focusing on building and establishing innovative new business models and insurance products. He has a long-standing experience in risk, insurance and reinsurance business (Munich Re, UIR, Hartford) with global client experience. He has held senior management positions in the insurance and reinsurance centers in Munich and London. He has been consultant for far-reaching insurance market projects relating to agriculture, natural hazards and emerging risks. Mr. Genillard holds long and strong business relationships with multiple European agriculture insurers, and fosters valuable contacts throughout the insurance and reinsurance industry, sought out from within the industry, governments and academic bodies for board level expertise.He holds an MA in Economics, from the Vienna University.

Dr. Clement Atzberger

Dr. Clement Atzberger is Full Professor and Head of the Institute of Surveying, Remote Sensing and Land Information (IVFL) of BOKU University in Vienna, Austria. He is a remote sensing & GIS expert with more than 20 years overall project experience in land use/land cover classification and environmental monitoring using very high to low-resolution satellite imagery.He obtained his Ph.D. in crop growth modeling and remote sensing data assimilation. His technical experience includes the development and inversion of physically based radiative transfer models, the use of machine learning techniques for classification tasks as well as the estimation of vegetation biophysical variables such as LAI.He is also an expert for proper RS data pre-processing (such as atmospheric corrections) and time series analysis (incl. land surface phenology).